About Aiman

Aiman Amri or also known as Aiman Psikologi is a Mental Health Advocate who actively spread the awareness of mental health among Malaysians. He is a speaker and book author who wants to educate the society about psychology through talks, social media channels and writing on his own website, AimanPsikologi.com

After completing his BSc in Psychology from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, he pursues his passion by working at WeCare Allied Health Center, a private psychology centre for kids and adults in Kuala Lumpur, as a Special Needs Educator cum Assistant Psychologist then further contributing his expertise at Pusat Pakar Psikologi Jiwadamai, Shah Alam as the manager for Akademi Jiwadamai. Currently, he is pursuing Master of Human Sciences in Psychology (Clinical & Counselling) in IIUM, Gombak to be a future clinical psychologist.

He published three books (to date): “Autisme: Unik/Pelik” a diary of colourful stories about kids with Autism which also serves as a manual for parents/teachers to understand them. His second book was titled “How Are You?” was focused more on understanding the silent struggle of people with stress, anxiety and depression. The third “Pendiam?” is about understanding the introvert personality in a world that celebrates extroverts. All of his books can be bought at www.aimanpsikologi.com/buku.

Aiman has a wide exposure in raising awareness in the field of psychology and human behaviour. He has delivered talks and training with a particular focus on mental health at more than 150 academic, corporate and government institutions, both local and international.

Throughout his effort in educating the public, he has been featured in a number of mainstream media outlets such as Mingguan Wanita, Pa&Ma, Kosmo!, Astro Awani, Bernama, TV Al Hijrah and Malaysia Hari ini. To date, his most notable media appearance is as the host for a TV show called “Psikosis”, which was produced by RTM1. The 13-series magazine-format TV show was aiming to educate the audience on the different types of mental disorders.

On social media, he is known to advocate for mental health awareness through his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which have attracted more than 250,000 followers. He has also established a platform for anyone who would like to learn about psychology online thru his project “Sembang Psikologi Secara Santai” or also known as SPSS (www.sembangpsikologi.com)

Aiman aspires to make psychology a household topic that people find interesting to learn. To this end, Aiman engages his audience both online and offline in a casual manner so that it is easier for them to grasp the understanding of human mind and behaviour in the practical sense without diluting the scientific aspect of the knowledge.