Another Milestone In Learning Child Psychology

In these past 2 months, I have been bitten, punched, pinched and scratched, more than I have ever been in my whole life.
At first, it was painful. My knee jerk reaction was just wanted to scream, or at least, jolted. But as time goes by, I’ve started to deal this neutrally, and even able to control my emotion when the incident occurred.
As my supervisor said,
“These are all our war bruises.”
And he is right.
Working and dealing with Autism kids, especially for me who have been trusted with the “taiko” and “aggressive” behaviour, is not an easy task.
What harder is when you observing your friends who graduated at the same year as you, has now started to have a stable income, starting to survey for a house (even got a spouse), and all those “grown-up-activities” with their shirts and ties.
But me?
“Bertatih-tatih, merangkak-rangkak.”
However, I don’t care how hard it is. No matter how small the income is, no matter how hard the job is, no matter how painful it would be, I am happily happy.
Even it have only been 2 months since I started this career, I have seen the development of the kids I’m responsible with. Seeing how they have started to socially and verbally more responsive to others, started to apply what we have taught them, truly made me almost in tears.
In all my life, I have always say that I want to change the world. Now I realised that, it is far more important to change someone’s world.
Somewhere in the future, these Autism kids will be someone better than today, with more stable and ‘normal’ behaviour, and part of it are from the hard work and struggle of their therapists now.
And knowing that I am part of that therapists?
I honestly believe that I have solved one of the biggest dilemma among the youth, which is, “What I want to do in my life?”
I am happy that I am able to pursue my passion. Little did I ever imagine that I would be working with kids, especially when I was hoping to be an aircraft engineer, one lifetime ago.
What I am doing right now as a Behavioural Therapist for Autism and ADHD kids, is part of my journey. It is another milestone for me to pursue my passion in understanding Child’s Psychology.
I will always remember this point in my life, as part of my journey to be the Psychologist needed in our country.
Because what’s a life without a dream,
and what’s a dream without a plan.

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