Mental Illness Is A Real Illness – Dear Zindagi

One of the best quote in ‘Dear Zindagi’ film is the scene at the Mental Health Awareness Convention, a paradise for the psychologist, psychiatrist and therapist.
I love it so much, that I have to do this poster just to highlight it, for our awareness.
It’s true right?
We all can be ‘open’ when it comes to physical sickness, but when it’s mentally related, suddenly we are afraid to talk about it. Even worse, we just keep it to ourselves, which make us sicker and sicker everyday.
Mentally sick is not the same as physically.
You will not see any bruise and blood. But you will see a certain abnormal behaviour that is the result from that sickness.
Mood swing, anger without reason, intensive sadness, continuous stress and so much more. Each of them could mean different things, comes with different reason, and have different story about it.
I’m not saying that everything related about mind is a mental sickness, but we need to differentiate between mental sickness or just simply a normal emotional reaction (sad, happy, hurt etc).
In Psychology, we have a lot of name for this field, e.g. Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Forensic & Mental Health etc.
But they are all send the same message,
The health condition of our mental state.
When you saw someone bleeding, you don’t say to them
“Just suck it up! You just want some attention, don’t you?”
“Cool lah. It is all in your head je tu!”
Instead, you give them first aid, treat them, or help them to seek medical assistance. The same goes for mental health. Mental health is just like any other physical health.
SHARE this message, therefore people will be more aware about this issue. Okay?