The Story of Mount Everest

My grandfather was a mountain-climber.
Before any expedition, he would be thoroughly prepared.
Sadly, poor Pyare was not like this. He was a very old friend of my grandfather’s.
He was also a mountain-climbing enthusiast, whose life-long desire was to climb the toughest peak,
Mount Everest!
Finally one day, Pyare got the chance to climb Mount Everest with a Chinese trekking expedition group.
Without thought or preparation, he said yes and left.
But the group was Chinese, so they could speak only in their own language.
No English.
So the trek began.
As they slowly and steadily climbed higher,
Pyare paced ahead of the group with much enthusiasm
while the Chinese people kept waving from behind and shouting in Chinese.
“Don’t go ahead!”
But Pyare thought they were cheering him and saying,
“Go ahead!”
Suddenly, Pyare saw a growling snow leopard in front of him.
Pyare got bloody scared and he started waving his hands frantically and shouting,
“Help, Help!”
But the Chinese people thought he is just happy.
So he kept crying for help and they kept waving back.
Then the snow leopard ate up poor Pyare. Yes the snow leopard was hungry.
You don’t find many people on Mount Everest.

Sometimes we choose the tough path only because we feel that to achieve important things,
we have to take the tough path. We feel we need to punish ourselves.
But why?
Why not choose the easy way out? What is so bad about it?
Especially when we are unprepared for the tough path.
Why climb mountains when you are not ready to?

Kadang-kadang dalam hidup kita, kita mahu memilih jalan yang sukar, susah dan mencabar,
kerana kita merasakan, kita mahu mencapai kejayaan.
Kerana kita merasakan, kita mahu menggarap impian yang tinggi melangit.
Tetapi kita terlupa, memilih jalan yang senang juga, merupakan satu pilihan,
dan tidak semestinya, memilih jalan mudah itu merupakan satu kehinaan.
(Sumber daripada Filem Dear Zindagi)