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A Mental Health Advocate

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The issue of mental health is getting worse and worrying day by day.

According to the National Health & Morbidity Survey conducted in 2015 by our Ministry of Health, almost 1 in every 3 Malaysian, or 29.2% are struggling with any kind of mental health issues through out their life. This rise almost tripled from the same survey in 1996.

As an effort to spread the awareness of mental health, we are offering training service through workshops, seminars and forums to any university, organisation or company that are in need.




A Mental Health

Awareness Program

“Tak sempurna kesihatan
seseorang tanpa
kesihatan mentalnya.”

– Aiman Amri –



  1. Definition, stigma and myth of mental health
  2. Understanding the new age of “loneliness” and “emptiness”
  3. Symptoms of having emotional health issue
  4. Tips to take care of our mental health
  5. Being a good friend of people who are struggling silently


  1. Definition and stigma of mental health in industry

  2. Management of stress, burnt-out and demotivation

  3. Dealing with conflicts in workplace (employers ande employees)

  4. Steps to prevent and take care of our mental health

  5. Worker’s Mental Health Scheme (Employee Assistance Program)

“How Are You?”

Social distancing edition 

Stay Home Stay Healthy

To expose the audience with the crisis of loneliness and feeling disconnected during RMO, and how to deal with it. Focusing more on having good coping mechanism and how to manage the emotion

Anxiety on Pandemic

It is not easy to deal with uncertainties and thing of the future that is not under our control. This program will help the participants to take care of their stress and anxiety during this crisis

I'm Here For You!

Understanding the struggle of someone we know and how to deal with them. This is perfectly suitable session for workers or students who are working in the same company or society #KitaJagaKita

Productivity at Home

Tips and techniques to balance participant’s daily commitment during RMO, especially managing burnt-out and demotivation of working from home. Helpful in the acceptance of the new normal

Yes, we also provide

Online Session!

Due to COVID-19 crisis, we understand the need of some organisations that are looking for e-training and e-sharing. In the digital world nowadays, we provide long distance learning that can still achieve the same objective.

Real-time live sharing

Interactive session

Range between 20-500 people

Social distancing edition




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“Understanding the introvert personality in our world that celebrates extrovert.”

Published with Iman Publication


“Understanding the silent struggle of stress, anxiety and depression.”

Published with Iman Publication


“Manual for parents/teachers to understand kids with Autism and how to deal.”

Published with White Coat


Aiman Amri or also known as Aiman Psikologi is a Mental Health Advocate who actively spread the awareness of mental health among Malaysians. He is a speaker and book author who wants to educate the society about psychology through talks, social media channels and writing on his own website, AimanPsikologi.com

After completing his BSc in Psychology from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, he pursues his passion by working at WeCare Allied Health Center, a private psychology centre for kids and adults in Kuala Lumpur, as a Special Needs Educator cum Assistant Psychologist then further contributing his expertise at Pusat Pakar Psikologi Jiwadamai, Shah Alam as the manager of Akademi Jiwadamai. Currently, he is pursuing Master of Human Sciences in Psychology (Clinical & Counselling) in IIUM, Gombak to be a future clinical psychologist.

Aiman aspires to make psychology a household topic that people find interesting to learn. To this end, Aiman engages his audience both online and offline in a casual manner so that it is easier for them to grasp the understanding of human mind and behaviour in the practical sense without diluting the scientific aspect of the knowledge.

“Without mental health there can be
no true physical health.”

– Dr Brock Chisholm, First Director-General of the WHO –



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