The Clash Of Generations

Our world is dynamic. It constantly changing and moving forward, with or without us. For the better, even some of them for the worse. Numerous generations have been living in it, contributing to that changing, or just taking advantage of that.
Lately, I have been seeing a lot of condemnation from my generation about our younger one. Doesn’t matter if it’s about Raver, Hipster or anything. That does not sadden me, as much as when I saw the comment from the people.
Believe it or not, every generation has their own “trend”.
During my days (damn I feel old), I still remember the craziness of the teenagers doing shuffle, moonwalking dance, tectonic hand etc. Come on. Don’t you remember the moment when we bluetooth-ed lots of videos of people doing this foolish thing, and we adore the one who are good at it?
The memory of even myself doing the shuffle dance with my foot in my school’s dormitories while recording that, was one of my many idiot things I did.
However, believe it or not, it is my memories! And if I have the chance to go back again, I will not change it. Really!
I’m not saying that it is a good thing to blindly follow the trend. I’m saying that, I was a teen, man! And of course, it’s normal to act like a young teen!
Reading the hateful comments from my friends about kids nowadays with their Raver, really make me feel sad. We are the adult one, yet we did not educate them. Instead, we condemn them. We condemn the generation as being worse, non-educated, foolish etc.
Without we realised that, WE WERE THE SAME during our younger times. And you know what’s the only difference is? SOCIAL MEDIA!
Back in our time, there’s no such thing as social media to promote about this, hence we didn’t really get a lot of comments from the older people, or from any generation.
Honestly, this clash of generation keep getting warmer and warmer. Everyone wants to prove they’re the better one, and to protect their “culture”, without we realised that, we are all human, doesn’t matter from which era we are.
The best thing we can do whenever we see this video in social media, just ignore it. No need to share it while writing down “Ahhh sudah rosak generasi aku” or “Pelik-pelik je budak-budak sekarang” or what not.
Just ignore them. Keep scrolling down.
And stop making stupid thing famous.
Even we had our foolish young memories as well, don’t we?

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