“Oh, you’re taking Psychology? So you can read people.”
“Hey, don’t read my mind please!”
“I have to be careful with you from now on.”

Honestly, it hurts me feeling every time when I said to someone that I take Psychology as my degree, having to get that as their response. I know that I posted about this a lot, but that’s only mean that of how important it is.

I might be smiling or laughing as if I was hearing a funny joke, but the truth is, I’m not. I hate it. I despise it. It hurts me. But I know quite sure that I’m not the kind of guy whom would be warning you about this directly. Because I want to have a peaceful interaction, so I just kept quiet, let it go. I can only write this on my FB, like right now.

Do you really wanna know what Psychology really is?

Psychology is everywhere in today’s society. No crime fiction, documentary, chat show or medical consultation is complete without the introduction of a psychological angle. The design of your car, your house, your choice of clothes, consumables and partners, the way we teach our children – all have been the topic of, and influenced by, psychological research. It also has an accepted role in management, sports and consumer marketing.

Psychology is both pure and social science. It aims to understand behaviour and the basic mechanism and processes that influence ideas, feelings and thoughts. It also aims to solve human problems. It is very multidisciplinary, having close connections with many other subject including anatomy, medicine, psychiatry and sociology as well as economics, mathematics and zoology.

Newcomers to psychology, like you who have been reading this post, often surprised by the range of things that psychologists study – from dreaming to delusions of grandeur; computer phobia to causes of cancer’ memory to social mobility’ attitude formation to alcoholism. Importantly and usefully, psychology teaches people a rich vocabulary through which they can describe and explain behaviour: psychology teaches the student the language of behavioural description and explanation.

Some psychological theories are counterintuitive and some are quite commonsensical. It’s very important to make sense of the former and clarify the latter.

So if you still think that Psychology is all about reading mind, controlling people and what not, I’m afraid that you will have a better chance finding that in the Pokemon rather than in real life. And please, stop the misconception about this. Do share this among your friends that we are not a mind reader. We’re just a scientist.

Thank you.